The Trailer Jun-Jul 03

The REME wing at Larkhill had a major re-organisation in May - June and the part of the workshop we where in was handed over to another unit so we had to relocate to E Wksp. We decided as the trailer was in its new livery it would be only fitting to tow it up to E Wksp by our lend lease GMC. The weather was fantastic and the sun blazed away a fitting tribute to the trailer we thought.
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To call E Wksp a workshops was a little kind  it is more like a large Hanger but it suited our purpose. When we first move in we were basically allocated a central strip down the middle of the hanger with a wall at one end with a bench and a locker, we have now made the place our own with more benches and large electrical tools it now really looks like a workshop.
General shots in close up of the Searchlight Trailer in its new livery