The Trailer Apr-Jun 03

After the welding we then had to finish the back wheel hubs cut out the centre section of the plate and fit the rear mudguards all be for we could prepare for spraying. The rear hubs were as bad as the front and the grease was so thick it was like tar , but with a little heat Andy soon had them working a treat. The centre section was a bit of a drama but with an air hack saw and a grinder we soon had it sorted.
The rear axle   A close up of the Hub   The trailers manufacturer plate
A top shot showing the hole in the plate   The front suspension read for spraying   Rear wheel with mudguard fitted
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Fitting the rear mud guards was a breeze, about time something went to plan. It was about this time we received from Australia some good photographs of a Searchlight that had been restored by Rod Keys and this highlighted that some one had not just cut off the corners but had removed about 10 inches from the rear of the trailer. So yet another job we need to do before spraying, but this time I got some help from the Wksp welder who made the sections from a template I made and then proceeded to welded them on. It was then time to paint the whole of the Trailer in Red Oxide. We where advised, as mat paint is porous, to spray the whole thing in a gloss paint before spring our first coat of mat green, and that's what we did.
General shots of the Trailer almost ready for spraying
Left had side   Right hand side   After the extensions where replaced