The Trailer Jan-Mar 03

The stay at A Wksp was brief and just before Christmas we moved down to B Wksp. The move to B Wksps heralded a very productive time for us as far as the trailer was concerned. We had a our own bay in what was a busy Wksps and there where always a willing hand from the fitters to lend a hand and advice when necessary especially when we where refurbishing the brakes and wheel hubs.  We had a stroke of luck with the tyres, I work with a TA Colonel and his full time job is working for Dunlop and he was able to find us some military style tyres of the right size for a very fair price. Also we was able to find 2 x 25pdr wheels, which are the same as the original, so I thought we where sorted, wrong! It appears the the beading on war time tyres were 5 degrees but modern tyres are 15 degrees making the internal diameter smaller. In the end I had to have 2 mm turned of each wheel to get the tyre on.
The trailer after the move to B Wksp   Two new wheels   Andy having a go at the turntable
The Front axle with the new tyres   The front suspension with a anti rust agent   The Front axle
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While this was going on Andy had burned out three Draper grinders cleaning up the trailer so we decided to up gun to a large Bosh one. Finally we where ready for Paul Gannaway to come in and do some welding for us. As you can see from the photos there was a lot of welding that need doing and neather Andy or myself where up to the job so we had to call in Paul. He did a great job also sorting out the mud guards for later fitting. We had completed the front wheels and brakes thanks to Ian who was great and had managed to get our brake shoes relined, a job I thought would be imposable. Things where now shaping up and the trailer was coming on a treat.
The new plate welded in place   Paul welding on the Turn table plinth   The welding finished