The Searchlight winter 04/05

The winter this year has been a relatively low intensity on the searchlight as Andy has been away in the Gulf and I have been very busy at work and with other projects but work was done. The first thing to have a to sort out was the extractor fan, I knew the blades where total knackered and I thought the Motor was also unsalvageable. It was then I had the luck to meet up with Bob in the Electronics  workshop at work and he said he would have a look at it. He phoned me after just a day to tell me that he had got the motor running but he had now stripped it down as there was some mechanical work need on it and we are now waiting for him to come back of leave to pick it up. We are still trying to get a fan but as yet know luck.
The Extractor Fan Housing   The Extractor Fan   The Fan Motor
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Since the Detling event I have managed to get lots of those little jobs that we have been putting off done. Andy came home for a week on leave and we managed to get a few of the big jobs done like get the 2 inch diameter screw bar that we need for the legs. I have also refurbished the Carbon winding motor and gearbox and that will be going on shortly. We also had a breakthrough with the volt and amp meters on the generator and searchlight finding a nice retired gentleman who recalibrated them for us. The another piece of luck was an offer from a Railway coach building team, from the East Somerset Railway, to refurbish the four hatches for free, this saved us a lot of time and money, so although not a productive as previous winters we have moved on.
The Carbon winding motor on the bench
Caught in the reflection Andy braising the plates Refitting the Hatch plates