The Searchlight July 04

The next task was the fitting of the left hand top hatch, we where now under pressure of time as we needed to move things along as we had been asked to attend the Fairford Air show. Andy and I believed that we could have it at least looking like a searchlight by then so it was all hands to the pump. Andy took some time of work and I set to in the evenings working on the odd jobs that had been missed. We got together one Sunday and fitted the left hand hatch and the right hand panel the barrel was now looking complete.
Spraying the heat resistant Paint   Final touches inside the barrel   Cleaning the Glass
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First we called in Ian Furey-King to give the whole thing a re-spray as he has a talent for it. Then one evening with the help of two Lt Col's Barclay and Evens from work we fitted the front glass. We started at about 17.30 hrs and it was gone 11pm by the time I got home but it was worth it. We first fitted the heat proof padding around the barrel then elevated the barrel until it was point straight up then laid out the glass panels until they were spaced out where they where required and then bolted down the brackets. Sounds easy well I can say that we had some interesting times. This phase of the searchlight was finished just in time for the RAF Low Loader to pick it up. RAF Fairford was the first time the ATS girls had seen the searchlight and they were very happy with it and they have since called it "SPARKLE"
Rear Shot Ready to go   Looking Good   Ready for Fairford
Ready for inspection RAF Pick up by Low Loader At Fairford with the ATS being cleaned