The Searchlight June 04

Now the barrel was taking shape we need to balance it so with decided to try it with just the built in adjuster, making sure that we had a back up if they failed. To our great delight they worked fine and we soon had the barrel balanced. Next was to have the barrel clamp made which we did at a local machine works in Amesbury, once fitted it made it a lot easer to work on. While Andy was working on parts of the barrel I set to on getting the stabiliser arms fitted, although we have not got the screw legs and feet we need to get the arms on. It was now the start of the summer and we knew that we were going to be away a lot at weekends so we need to move along
The much worked on Barrel   The new support arms in the stowed position   The new support arms in the down position
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I was now working a lot in the evenings much to my wife annoyance. The rear of the reflector housing received its paint, along with other parts of the searchlight. The top left hatch also was finished ready for fitting. With Andy away this became a time for small odd jobs all for which need to be done but had been put off. The time was coming when we would have to fit the glass to the front.
The seat finished awaiting spraying   The supports Stowed   A down shot of the AASL
  It's now getting better