The Searchlight May 04

With the arrival of the donor searchlight the door was now open to really set to on putting the Mk1 to rights.  Built in 1942 and modified in 1951 it dose not have all the parts required but it has the key components one of which is the reflector.  So we started stripping of the parts we needed. Andy removed the glass front and rapped them up for later. He then removed the arc unit to take home and work in his spare time. While I worked on the seat and the electrical panel on the trunion. The seat was very buckled but William came over complete with hammer and helped us get it all straight. I then set about refitting it and it was not long before it started to look right. The next thing I worked on was the bottom of the barrel to get rid of the bow in the bottom. I changed the bottom strut with the one from the donor as it had the angle iron bracket ours did not have and with a car jack and a lot of bolts it was soon straight as a die.
The donor with some of it parts donated   The seat metal work in place The bottom of the barrel straight
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May has been probably the most productive month since the project started as we as the most man hours worked. With the seat finished I set about work on the travelling clamps, there are 5 in total four for rotation and 1 for elevation. I needed 12 U brackets and as I only had 4 I had to have them made by a local engineering company this done I soon had them fitted. The biggest task of this month was the fitting of the reflector housing and reflector. It was decided that since the inside of the housing was ok and the reflector was irreplaceable we would not chance taking the reflector out of its housing. So again with the help of the REME we removed the reflector and housing from the donor and switched it straight on the the searchlight. Andy immediately grabbed his trusty grinder with it 4 inch wire brush and soon had the back cleaned up and primed.  While he was working on this I was busy drilling and taping the front for the glass clamps and cleaning up the top hatches ready for riveting.
The seat finished awaiting spraying   As it looks in the round>   First part of the Travel clamps
The mirror housing on and primed The new mirror in place Clean that Mirror