The Searchlight April 04

At the same time the barrel was being prepared, the same was being done to the cradle the gloss paint was over sprayed with "Bar Coat". The barrier coat dries very quickly so we were able to give the cradle a coat of matt green.  The cradle and barrel where now ready for marrying together and we needed an extra pair of hands so we called in Ian Fury-King to help us.
The cradle with a gloss coat   Now with a bar coat   The cradle and trailer in matt green
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Using the crane in the WKSP to lift up the barrel we then pushed under the trailer. We lined up the barrel in the cradle and then fitted the trunions. Once the trunions where bolted in we propped the bottom of drum level. We removed the strapping from the crane and pushed the the trailer out the searchlight now started to really look like a searchlight.
Andy and Ian lining up the barrel   Ian adjusting the drum   The trunions fitted on the right
Various views of the searchlight with the barrel fitted awaiting the next phase