The Generator

On the 6th Dec 2003 we came in to possession of a 1942 Searchlight Generator. It was by chance I was looking through the for sale section of a copy of a Military Vehicle Magazine when I noticed a Scammel Pioneer for sale (that dream off road vehicle) I read the details on the add at at the bottom add on was "Also have a Lister Searchlight Generator can sell separate or together" of course I rang up straight away. Again Luck was smiling on us as Andy had to go to Scotland that next weekend and decided to call in to Middlesbrough to have a look and we put a deposit there and then. We now have to move it down south.
gen1.jpg (44458 bytes)   gen4.jpg (56100 bytes)   gen2.jpg (47689 bytes)
The rear of the Lister   The Left side panel removed   The right side
    gen5.jpg (56536 bytes)    
    A blurry photo of the left side    
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The Army Collected it for us and it moved down to Larkhill the Summer of 2004. It only took a bit of cleaning to get it working but it was not until much later Summer of 2005 that any real work was done on it. This on the whole because of a the lack of money and because it was usable in the state it was in. It was the winter of 05/06 that any real work was completed and a set of frame poles was obtained. We have finally ordered a canvas for the generator and we hope to have it by April 06.