The Cradle Oct-Nov 03 (E Wksp)

We started work on the clean up in earnest first buy doing the underside of the base plate especial the top bearing runner. We then painted it and turned it over and finished the top. I then gave the bearing housing on the trailer a protective coat of gloss and gave the bearings a final clean up before putting them in the housing. We where a little concerned about the main bearings as the bottom track was badly corroded and we where not sure if it was going to rotate ok.
The Base plate ready for primer   Base plate and bottom of the cradle   A Gloss finish main bearing housing
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We applied a liberal coating of high impact grease on the bottom track and the bearings and fitted on the base plate. Now for the moment of truth would it rotate, It span like a dream and a mightily relived we were to. There was a slight flat when the plate was at 90 degrease to the trailer but we felt it was not that bad. We then gave it its customary coats of paint and marred it back up to the bottom of the cradle that we had been cleaning an painting. The next job was to make and fit the 56 1/4 inch suds that are needed for the bottom of the cradle this completed and another coat of gloss it was ready for the fitting of the pillars.
Base plate primered and fitted   The bearings can clearly be seen   The bottom of the cradle fitted on the trailer
Inside the Azimuth drive side   The elevation side showing motor gearing interface   The Bottom of the cradle ready for the pillars