The Cradle: Aug-Sep 03

After we had removed the barrel we had a close look at the cradle and decided that it would not be to difficult to dismantle it right down to it component parts. We started by removing the left hand pillar which on served as a pivot, the right hand pillar holds the elevation gear and bearings.
The cradle with plates removed   The cradle with left hand pillar removed   Andy Drilling out bolt holding right pillar
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We then concentrated on striping the elevation gearing out, this took a lot longer than expected but it was not long before we could remove the right had pillar as well. Once the pillars where removed it was just a matter of 22 bolts to remove the remainder of the cradle from its base plate. Now we where back to the job we do best, using the grinder and wire brush.
Outside Elevation Pillar   Inside the Pillar   The bearings
Top right of the bottom of the cradle   The Elevation Gear   The top bearing plate cradle removed