The Barrel March - April 04

All the reaming effort was put into getting the barrel ready to marry up with the cradle and trailer. The remaining of the welding had to be done first. This all went without any problems to my surprise and then I had to fill some of the areas that no longer quite fitted due to the bad rust. This done I was able to give the whole thing a coat of grey primer.
The last of the welding   The top after sealing   The first coat of paint
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Once the primer was dry we gave the outside a gross protective coat. Both coats where brush painted so we had to give it a good rub down before we could spray it matt green. It was then we found out the gloss reacted with the matt green so we had to give it a coat of "Bar Coat", before this we made sure the trunions fitted and gave the barrel a coat of matt green.
The Outside   The inside coated   After the gloss coat
The trunions fitted   Andy spraying the barrier coat   The barrel with the barrier coat