The Barrel Jun-Aug 03

One of the first Jobs we started in our new location was the dismantling of the barrel. When we got down to inspect the barrel at close quarters there was a lot of welds that where being forced apart by rust. Andy and I discussed the problem and decided that we needed to grind of as much as the weld as possible clean up the metal and re-weld. The problem seems to have been that most of the welding had been simply overlapped plate and then welded along one edge this of course aloud the damp to get between the metal, rust and forced the metal joints apart.
The Barrel before dismantling   Right after first panel ground off   The panel awaiting repair
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It was after we had started that we realised that this was a difficult task and it would be easer to grind off all the weld, remove the plate completely where possible and re-weld the whole thing. Once we had removed the two top side panels it was just a case of unscrewing the large top section and lifting it off, not an easy job as it was very heavy. With the top off it was easy to remove the pivot mountings and with the aide of the on site crane lift off the barrel. Now with that part completed, Andy and I decided to concentrate on the cradle as it was no good having a finished barrel and no were to fit it, so the barrel was put to one side to wait spears and time.
Close up of the hinge and rust damage   The top section of the barrel   Inside barrel right hand side
The barrel with side and top removed   The barrel before removal from cradle   The removed Barrel awaiting work