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The Garrison Official Facebook Page

The usual Facebook photos, gossip and related malarkey.

The Garrison YouTube Channel

Video footage from Garrison events and links to other items of related interest.

The Garrison Flickr Site

Lots of photographs from Garrison events (the good, the bad, and the ugly...).

Garrison WWI Section

A Flickr site dedicated to the Garrison's First World War Section and its 18-pounder field gun.

The Garrison Twitter Account

All the latest news from Garrison HQ.

The Garrison ATS Section Twitter Account

News and views from the Garrison's ATS Section.

Image - Ack Ack Living History Group Logo Ack Ack Living History Group
This website is aimed at anyone interested in the work that was carried out in the defence of Great Britain during World War II by Ack Ack Command. The Group is made up of men and women who recreate the Royal Artillery (RA), the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) and Home Guard using original uniforms or high quality reproductions. The group is recognised as one of the leading groups covering this area of Second World War history in Great Britain.
A.T.S. Remembered
A great resource for anyone with an interest in the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

Malta Command WW2 Living History Group

Malta Command is a living history re-enactment group that portrays Maltese soldiers serving in the British Army in the defence of Malta during the Second World War. The Garrison and Malta Command have successfully worked together on several occasions to put on re-enactment displays.


1st Belgian Field Battery

This is a great site dedicated to the men of the 1st Belgian Fd Battery of the Belgian Piron Brigade which was equipped and trained by the British. The Garrison has put on many re-enactment events in conjunction with the 1st Belgian Field Battery.

HMS: The Historical Maritime Society

A re-enactment group that portrays the Royal Navy in the era of both the Napoleonic Wars and the Second World War. HMS often teams-up with the Garrison for combined operations.

Malta GC

A great site is dedicated to the people of Malta and the armed forces who took part in the defence of the Islands during WWII. Includes lots of artillery and ack-ack photos and information.

Lovett Artillery Collection

A website documenting Leon and Ralph Lovett's impressive private collection of artillery, anti-tank guns, naval guns, mortars, and ordnance related technology from 1800-1957.

'Wartime Wanderers'

If you have a few bob spare why not invest it in a war movie? 'Wartime Wanderers' is the true story of an entire professional football team who signed-up for the Royal Artillery at the start of the Second World War. A couple of promo-trailers can also be found on the Garrison YouTube site (see above).

131st Field Regiment Royal Artillery

A website put together by a member of the Garrison as a memorial to those who lost their lives serving in the regiment and also as an information resource for those who wish to learn more.

Image - The Royal Artillery 1939 - 1945 Logo The Royal Artillery 1939-1945
The purpose of this site is to record as much of this service as possible. The site is far from complete and I doubt if it ever will be however, I hope it will be a continually growing resource for historians, model makers and any one with an interest in the Royal Artillery.
Image - Brtiish Artillery in WW2 Logo British Artillery in WW2
This site provides a comprehensive account of the Royal Artillery’s methods in World War 2. It also applies to the artilleries of Commonwealth countries. It assumes you have a basic understanding of field artillery. However, if this assumption is wrong then you should start by looking at the short description of the Field Artillery System, and even if you think you understand you may get some new insights from here.
Image - Roof Over Britain Logo Roof over Britain
This is a new section to the 225th Searchlight Battalion web site and although is not finished yet shows promise.
Image - Defense of Britain Project The Defence of Britain Project
This project, which ran from April 1995 to March 2002 under the auspices of the Council for British Archaeology, is now completed. In that time, nearly 20,000 twentieth century military sites in the United Kingdom were recorded by an army of some 600 volunteers. The final report on the project is now available online.
An interesting website covering all aspects of British & Commonwealth Anti-Aircraft from the Second World War and the immediate post-war era. Information about guns, searchlights, radar, generators, predictors, buildings, equipment, organisations and personnel are all featured, as well as some fascinating restoration projects.

The Official Jack Hylton Website

A great site for anyone with an interest in British popular music of the 1930s and 40s. As well as providing lots of information on Jack Hylton and his Orchestra, the site offers a huge number of free downloadable MP3 tracks.

Australian War Memorial

Go to the collections search page, type in "25 pounder" and enjoy all 892 photos, 86 films, and 16 works of art that are listed.

Karkee Web

All you are ever likely to need to know about British webbing from 1903 Pattern to 1944 Pattern.

The Royal British Legion

Founded in 1921, the Royal British Legion has worked tirelessly since then on behalf of serving and ex-Service personnel and their families.

Help for Heroes

Since its foundation in October 2007, Help for Heroes has raised millions of pounds to support members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of their country in recent conflicts.

The Royal Artillery Association Forum

Plenty of interesting stuff on this forum, but in particular these 1950s photographs of 45 Regt RA (see post dated 16.02.09)

Battlefield History TV


Battlefield History TV

Original programming Wars and Battles throughout the World


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