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General Group Information:
The Garrison is always delighted to welcome new members. If you have an interest in history (especially the Second World War), would like to make new friends, and are looking for a thoroughly rewarding way to spend some of your weekends, why not join us? The lads can choose between ack-ack and field artillery as their primary role (although we tend to swap around from event to event) and with the 93rd Searchlight Regiment RA we have a real roll for the ladies. Although it’s difficult to fit in young ones on the field gun side, as ack-ack home front we can accommodate family groups.

The group asks prospective members to join for a six month trial period so you can assess us and us you. There is more information on this listed below. Once you've you have registered as a prospective member you can start re-enacting with the group. You can attend as many of the groups events as you wish, as well as receive the group's e-mail updates.

Some frequently asked questions and answers that may help:
What will it cost? It may seem quite an expensive hobby when you first start buying your kit, but once you have it, it should last a life time. We don't expect you purchase any of your own uniform or equipment until you have become a full member. Even after this we will still help until set up by lending out group or other member’s equipment. There is also a flourishing market for second-hand kit within the re-enactment world, so it is often possible to pick up items of uniform at reduced prices. The membership fee is £15 per head per year; which goes towards the group's insurance and administration costs.

How old do I have to be to join? The minimum age for an individual member is 16, however special arrangements can often be made and there are no limits for family groups. There is no maximum age, but do take into account that you can be climbing in and out of vehicles and walking a fair bit.

What will my first event be like? If you've not been involved with historical re-enactment before, it can seem quite daunting taking that initial step and attending your first event, but we are a small friendly group and every attempt is made to make new members feel welcome. We will readily offer help and advice on any part of the hobby, from authenticity to where to get the best reproduction kit.

What will be expected from me? For the first six months very little, we would like you to come to at least one main event or training weekend and to follow the club rules. By the end of the first year we would - although we are very flexible on this - like you to have the basic kit as laid out in the personal equipment table. In a group like ours you only get out what you put in so the more events you do the more fun you have.

If after reading all this you are keen to join, or would like further information, please contact the Membership Secretary, Tracey Brigstock

Click here for the Membership Application Form. (This form needs a password to access it ... Tracey will be able to talk you through how to access it.)


Group Constitution

The aims of The Garrison are described in our constitution;


''To promote and provide and an educational resource through living history interpretation displays and re-enactments of historic periods of our British Military Services to the benefit of all peoples.''


  1. Prospective members will be allowed a trial period before the full membership decide on the continuation into full membership on the following criteria; 
  • A trial period of 6 months, in this time prospective members will attend training sessions or main events of the group.

  • Full members will monitor behaviour, standard of equipment and drill, health & safety awareness, knowledge and team work of prospective members.

  • During the trial period prospective members will pay the standard annual membership fee, to cover administration, newsletter and insurance. This will be reimbursed in full if the prospective member is not successful in achieving full membership status.

  •  Prospective members will be informed after 6 months or at the AGM, if they have achieved full membership of �The Garrison�. This will be the decision of the committee is final and with no re-dress.


  1. All prospective members will supply the following to the Membership Officer;  

  • Supply two passport size photographs,

  • Supply a permanent home address,

  • Copies of all firearms, shotguns, black powder acquire / keep / use licences.

  • Full members will keep the membership Officer informed of all changes to the above requirements


  1. All members will carry the following documentation at any training or main event;

  • All relevant licences and certificates relating to firearms, shotguns, explosive handling or store.

  • 'The Garrison' current membership card.


  1. All members will also;

  • Use only blank ammunition and black powder charges supplied by or through The Garrison members, licensed or approved to do so, unless otherwise authorised, for use in training or public events.


  1. At each event the following officers will have with them the following documentation;

  • Events Officers will have copies of any relevant Contract, Display specification.

  • Safety Officer will have First Aid, Fire Equipment, Risk Assessments & Operations Manual.

  • Membership Officer, details of all members.


  1. Members will be careful with all equipment but the following rules are emphasised;

  • Artillery,

  •  Small Arms,

  • (Bayonets, Army knives will be kept sheathed)

  • Fires & Cookers

  • During public display, unless part of a static display area, where risk assessment has been carried out and appropriate safety features such as barriers and safe distances for public viewing, with appropriate     supervision, until these are in place to the satisfaction of the Safety Officer, the above items will not be handled by the public and will be kept safe from tampering.


  1. Members will behave and act when on public display in presentable uniforms, language and bearing to the service and period portrayed. The Accuracy Officer will be happy to help out with all historical data. Members falling short of this will be reminded of standards in training events but will be removed from public events, or asked to leave the display area in the interests of 'The Garrison' aims and standards.


  1. Members will have to accept all other rules and regulations, relating to the re-enactment activities, including;

  • English Heritage site & re-enactment rules.

  • Health & Safety Executive rules and advice for re-enactment.

  • Event organiser's rules.


  1. Re-enactment can be dangerous, if you see a risk of injury to anybody, remember the key word;

  • ''STAND FAST'' everybody will stop what they are doing and the person calling out the alarm word can communicate the problem to the event or display co-ordinator.

  • When resolved, ''GO ON'' will allow activities to be continued.

  • Safe Operating Procedures have now been introduced and all members should become familiar with the recommended way to operate guns and other equipment.


  1. Consultation on events, detailed planning, maintenance, training will be attempted through sub-group meetings and via the newsletter, any problems or concerns can be made directly to a committee member or Chair for discussion informally or formally. Iain Sherring, Chair can be contacted by e-mail.


  1. Infringements of any of the above rules will result in members being dismissed from training or main events as they occur and consideration of membership of 'The Garrison' being revoked.


"We are pleased to aim and aim to please."

Agreed and up-dated 2002


The Garrison

‘The Garrison’ — Constitution — Agreed: 25/11/1997

    1. The organisation shall be known as "The Garrison"
    1. The aims of the organisation are:-
      1. To promote and provide an educational resource through living history interpretation displays and re-enactments of historic periods of our British Military Service’s to the benefit of all peoples.
    1. The ’Objectives‘ of ‘The Garrison’ are:-
      1. To encourage a high standard of living history presentation, through research, collection of original and replica uniforms, equipment, ephemera by ‘The Garrison’ and its members.
      2. To co-ordinate displays to private organisations, schools, colleges and other educational facilities, Museum’s, English Heritage sites, military establishments and other heritage sites.
    1. The membership is open to anybody willing to participate in aspects of living history through re- enactment and satisfies the membership criteria, excepting the probation period to ascertain suitability and agree to the rules of ‘The Garrison’ in force at the time of joining and any subsequent additions to the rules.
    1. An annual membership fee is payable on the 1st January of each year.
    2. The fee will be set at the A.G.M. for the forthcoming year and will cover expected administration costs, insurance, licences and other agreed costs to be met in successfully running "The Garrison".
    1. The management shall be by a Committee elected by the members at the A.G.M.
    2. The officers of the committee shall be; Chairman, Events Officer, Publicity / Newsletter Officer, Treasurer, Safety Officer, Accuracy Officer, Quarter Master, Membership Officer. Some of these positions can be held by more than one person, other than the Chairman.
    3. The committee can co-opt other Officer to fill vacancies and where a need to have special skills on the committee.
    4. The Committee shall have plenary powers to undertake all they deem necessary to achieve the aims and best interests of ’The Garrison’ and or its members.
    5. No member of ‘The Garrison’ will be paid for services, however the committee will decide on the level of reimbursement of agreed core administration, event costs and expenses to allow the objectives of ’The Garrison‘ to be reached.
    6. The rules of the garrison will be reviewed and up-dated by the committee as they see fit. Any disciplinary matters in relation to the rules will be dealt with by the committee through investigation and action as deemed necessary to such events, the decision of which will be final.
    1. The Treasurer shall keep accounts of all transactions and maintain a financial record. An account will be opened at an approved financial institution in the name of "The Garrison."
    2. All cheques shall require two signatures, being the treasurer and one other approved committee member.
    3. The treasurer and Quarter Master Officer will maintain an asset register detailing the assets and the place at which they are normally kept.
    4. The committee will appoint an honorary auditor who shall verify the accounts.
    5. The financial accounts will end on the last day of December each year.
    1. The Officers to the Committee shall cause an Annual General meeting to be held in January of each year. At least three weeks notice in writing must be given to members of the date, time and place of the A.G.M. and a framework Agenda. Nomination forms for the Committee posts will be sent at the same time to the last known address recorded in the membership files.
    2. The Agenda shall include reports from the chairman, Treasurer and any other reports as appropriate to keep members up to date with the programme of events and aims of ’The Garrison‘.
    3. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) many be called by the Committee, or when requested by 10 members. Not less than 31 days notice in writing must be given to the Chairman of the item to be considered. Not less than 14 days written notice shall be given to the members of the date, time, place and agenda. The proposals should also be detailed in the notice with a response and recommendation by the committee. No other business shall be transacted at an EGM.
  9. DISSOLUTION OF "The Garrison"
    1. "The Garrison" can only be dissolved by a two thirds majority vote at an E.G.M. where this is the only item on the Agenda.
    2. Upon a successful dissolution vote, the committee shall have the power to distribute the assets of ‘The Garrison’ to any organisation or individual as it deems appropriate, having paid for any debts owed by the organisation.
    1. The constitution can only be altered by a majority vote at an AGM or EGM at least 14 days notice in writing must be given to members of the date, time and place of the meeting and the nature of the proposed amendment.