History of 82nd Searchlight Regiment

I decided when working on the restoration to focus on two searchlight units to portray 82nd Searchlight Regiment RA and 93rd Searchlight Regiment RA. The reason for the 93rd SL Regt RA is self evident: It was the only all female regiment in the British Army and an ideal regiment for all our ATS re-enactors to portray. The reason for the 82nd SL Regt RA may not be so obvious. When doing some general research into Ack Ack Command's activities in Wiltshire I came upon the War Diary of 82nd SL Regt RA. This Regiment was based in Wiltshire for well over a year, the longest serving unit in Wiltshire during the war, and had one of the most complete war diaries of any unit in the archive at Firepower. So with this in mind I did some digging and found out that this regiment's HQ was in Oare, the next village to mine. So when I needed a male regiment to portray this searchlight regiment was the only one in the frame.

82nd SL Regt RA was formed in November 1940 and disbanded in September 1944. It consisted of 4 batteries 525, 483, 554 and 510 Batteries RA.

The Regiment moved into the Wiltshire area, under command of 64 AA Brigade on the 27th November 1941. The regiment took over from 3 SL Regt's locations with the RHQ at Oare House, 9 Bty's HQ in Faringdon was taken over by 525 Bty, 10 Bty HQ at Market Lavington by 483 Bty's, 11 Bty's HQ at Kintbury by 554 Bty and 12 Bty's HQ at Lydiard Millicent by 510 Bty.

82nd SL Regt RA moved to Norfolk on 4th June 1943 exchanging locations with 69th SL Regt RA.