The Garrison Field Kitchen

The Garrison not only needs the Field Kitchen to feed a group that can be over 40 people at some events, it does it as an important part of the group's display. It has always been important but over the last few years the group developed a full-time catering team who have made the kitchen an indispensable part of any Garrison display. They are now building links with the regular army catering units to help lift the standard of the cooking, as well as carrying out more research to help make the Field Kitchen a really authentic display.

Keith, showing the French how to make a pancake. The catering team under Nigel, cooking up a storm. Nigel just checking the stew.
The Photos above (Click to enlarge) were taken from the Field Kitchen display in Normandy France 2004. It was up to that point our biggest Field Kitchen display.
Three shots of the 29 Fd Kitchen Group who joined the Garrison all the way from Newcastle for the Living Museum in St James's Park London. This was for the National VE-VJ Day celebrations in 2005.
John Bell also from the Newcastle Group joined us again for the Fort Nelson event in 2006 and again lifted the display with the use of reproduction labels on bottles and tins. "Any complaints?!" Fred Butcher, whilst admitting that he is not the best cook in the world, is an indispensable part of the team and does make the best cup of tea in the group.  
The team preparing lunch. There are some things that never change Ed "spud bashing". Tracey now part of the Catering Team in her ATS cook's uniform.
The first time out for the new Catering Team at Rufford Abbey 2008 with Phil Rowe, Tracey Brigstock and Ed Seymour led by old hand Nigel Lane.
The boys clearing the decks for action. Just a few tips on the soup from Maj Harry Lomas. Maj Lomas with the team.
The 2009 Training weekend was a little special as we decided to do some training for the Field Kitchen as well as the guns. We invited Maj Lomas from the TV series Combat Chefs to come a long and give us some need tips which seemed to pay off. He stayed the whole day with his WO1 Andy Andrews and the catering team had a fun and productive day.
Tracey just adding that vital ingredient. Cathy ready to dish up. Cathy having a good stir.
The Army, impressed with our training so far, invited us to be apart of the Catering in the Park for Armed Forces Day in London June 2009.

Frank and Angela running the Field Kitchen at Ponderosa, 2011.