Equipment used by The Garrison

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E Troop, 444 Bty, 69th Fd Regt RA
A Yorkshire  based group that forms E Troop within the Garrison.
A Sub B Sub C Sub D Sub
  The Gun    
Tractor     Mike's Gun Set
A Sub Gun Set B Sub Gun Set C Sub Gun Set D Sub Gun Set



F Troop, 441 Bty, 124th Fd Regt

The majority of D Troop are based in the west country, with much of the group's equipment stored at Larkhill.

E Sub F Sub G Sub H Sub
      'King Alfred'


D Troop, 489 Bty, 124th Fd Regt

Based at Tilbury Fort, D Troop draws most of its recruits from the London/Kent/ Essex area.

E Sub F Sub G Sub H Sub
Irish Gun 
'King Canute'
Owned by J Catton
'King Bloodaxe'
Group Gun
'Queen Boadicea'
Group Gun
G Sub Tractor
being Restored
Jonathon's Gun Set Dave Nesbit's Tractor Jonathon's 2nd Tractor  


A photograph showing a troop of four 25-pounders with their Morris Commercial 'Field Artillery Tractors'. Note the two tractors on the right without guns, but each towing a pair of spare ammunition trailers. At the rear are two Bedford OY trucks carrying more ammunition. The White Scout Car and Tilly at the front would carry the Troop Command Post (CP).



Ammunition The Troop Command Post REME TQMS

Rodney Ulrich
Cliff Mandeville




Setting up the Survey Section's 'banderole'.

 Maj Jonathon Catton
 Capt Iain Sherring
Lt Graham King
Lt Tony (Smudge) Clayton-Smith

2nd Lt James Gray

Battery Sgt Major Keith Brigstock



The art of gunnery (before GPS)

Barry Baxter

Dennis Matthewman

Andy Dawson








"The eyes of the guns". A CP somewhere in Italy (6 AGRA)

Jon Bell ACC
Phil Rowe ACC
Nigel Lane ACC




Setting up the Survey Section's Director No.7





Communication between an Observation Post (OP) and a Troop Gun Position.

The "100 Per Cent Zone" and Mean point of Impact.


Comparison of Howitzer and Gun Trajectories


A Battery of Field Guns Deploying into Action.





Individual Vehicles

Gavin Cooper's very smart Austin Tilly
Gavin Cooper's British Willys Jeep complete with No19 set Radio
Jonathon Catton's Morris Commercial Gun Tractor Mk3 No 5 Body
Rodney Ulrich's Morris Commercial Mk 1 Gun Tractor
Dave Nesbit's Morris Morris Commercial Gun Tractor Mk3 No 5 Body
Dave Petters's Morris Commercial 15 cwt
Andy Davis's CMP Chevrolet Quad Gun Tractor

Keith and Andy's Bedford OY

Simon Ulrich's Bedford MW
Keith's Bedford MWR (Troop Command Post Truck)

The Garrison also has a First World War section with an 18-Pounder Field Gun.

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