Eton College 2010

Eton College 150th Anniversary Event

Once again The Garrison pulled out all stops to support the Eton College CCF 150th Anniversary Royal Salute and Tattoo over the week 24th - 27th. This was the result of over a month of training with Cliff Mandeville and myself taking time off work to train the cadets on Monday afternoons.

The event itself was a great success despite the cadets having to complete exams and having to get their hair cut (Tracy sorted the last ten cadets out with a close cut), and the salute and gun run were undertaken with pride and energy! A three race gun alarm stakes was completed by three detachments representing the Navy, Army and Air Force. It was a very close run thing with the Navy just pipping the Army to the post by half a second.

There was only one who underperformed and that was a Garrison member, but I blame myself for that and do not wish to point a finger at that man – that would be unfair as he might not be able to point the finger back at me!

Special thanks to and Cliff who undertook the brunt of training of the cadets and to all the other members who gave a considerable time and effort to supply tractors / limber / guns and act as No.1s, tractor drivers. It was a delight to have Mike ‘grease my limber’ Peacock and Mel ‘whippet man’ Bean from our Leeds troop, they very much insured the success of the event and thanks also goes to Chris Smyth for allowing his tractor to be used.

Thanks to Mike, Rodney and Cliff for loading so many carts and to Michael Brigstock for filling in at the last moment in the gun run event. Don supported the event both in getting our gun equipment to the event and help with transport of my gun set from Tilbury. He also showed that our SOP for primer / cart handling has a hole in it and so has his hand – I am now re-writing that section.

Thanks to Major Farley for his warm welcome and care for us while in the unit. Thanks to 151/153 TA unit for transport help.