Gloucester City 2008

Gloucester was known as Glevum to the Romans. To the brave souls who attended the Gloucester through the ages event (19-20th April), it could well have been Reykjavik.

Once again the devil farted in our collective faces, and his most belligerent son, the winter, did his best to spoil our fun. Meteorologically aside, the weekend had some good points.

There was a rather jaunty parade through the city on the Saturday morning....truth be known, there were actually two; the official event one, and the garrison one.

We marched, as a unit from the docks to the Cathedral (which was the muster point for the official parade), along the only route that I knew, which happened to take us right through the heart of the central shopping area. We were well received, Judging from the comment s from the shoppers, and beyond that, arrived well ahead of the Ermine street Guard . . . whoever they are.

The official parade was fairly amusing. It ran in chronological order, which placed us neatly at the very end. No bad thing actually, as by means diverse and various, I was able to build a gap between us and the rest of the parade, giving the unit, and associated WWII vehicles (43 Recce) a mini parade all of our own. Once again, the flag waving masses seemed to appreciate our presence, with various cheers especially for "the Army", as I heard some one say in the throng.

With the sound of our boots ringing out (largely in time), and our chests full of pride, we made our way to the parades end. The only slight mishap occurring when we gave the "eyes right" to a doughnut stand. Apparently keith believed it to be the Mayoral dias . . . or did he???

The rest of the weekend was spent on a windswept and sodden corner of the docks, doing a show and tell to a varied and entertaining public.

Saturday night entertainments revolved around a collection of familiar and half remembered songs, and amusing remembrances, all washed down with requisite quantities of port.

Necessary mention, and thanks should be given to Don and James for moving the canvas, Andy Dawson for moving loads of other stuff, Tracey, Keith and Rod for cooking things, and lastly, the sign saying "you are know leaving Gloucester".

Welcome should be made to Ian, our newest member, and most recent recruit to the western region command of the garrison.

Jonathon Hodder

Gloucester Through The Ages Live! 2008 Album 1 to great site for photos of the event as a whole.