North Somerset Museum Day

The Garrison has made its fourth consecutive visit to North Somerset Museum at Weston Super Mare, in support of 'Heritage Week 2007' This was our first official event of the year and a great one to start us off

Everybody made a great effort to develop our displays on earlier years, with a focus on the Home front. Ian, Beryl, Phil and Cathy put on a diverse display from fashion to food rationing including a suitcase that projected war time films! Jonathan and Paul had a range of objects relating Civil Defence, including the gas masks, shrapnel and incendiary bomb. The group chatted freely to the customers ranging from young children to the elderly. Fred and Dangerous provided light relief chatting to younger visitors and getting some drill practise in with them in a rather small arena.

We noted that our last year display was featured on the museum’s new pamphlet with the back page dominated with a group photo. Apparently we are the longest consecutive group visiting the museum, possibly because we have adapted the displays each year, with something different in our focus, also value for money as we have normally supplied 6-8 re-enactors where other days are covered by 1-2 re-enactors.

I have to say we were welcomed as warmly as ever by the museum staff and thank specifically Lyn Fowler.

Jonathon Catton