Blackpool VE-VJ Day Event

My Blackpool experience began on the Saturday, when I was picked up by Andy Davis and we arrived in the afternoon. On arrival, we came under fire and Andy’s car got hit by a yellow paintball and when he complained to the squaddie running the stall he didn’t seem interested until we made him inspect the mess!

Having duly delivered my bag of uniforms my mission was complete but the rest of the group were busy on the displays chatting to the Public and as part of the arena events, firing the 25pdr. I was once again reunited with the Tilly. The show was in a big park with stalls along one side and a fun fair at the back, with the MVT vehicles lined up along two sides. I got so busy chatting to a stallholder I missed dinner. Jane was a bit mortified she’d forgotten about me but it was all my own fault really. We all headed off to the seafront in the evening and what an eye opener it was! I particularly liked the 'fat slags' out of Viz comic, though I’m not sure if all of them were in fancy dress! I thought there was going to be trouble on the tram when a load of lads refused to pay their fare but the Conductress just chucked them all off- she certainly didn’t mess about! Some of the girls (and Ben?) went clubbing into the early hours and judging by the sore heads the next morning, all had a good time!

On the Sunday after a very wet and windy night we emerged to find the awning on the GMC hanging limp and torn with mess tins and cups scattered about. Things were getting a bit tetchy over breakfast and the strain was getting to some.

After mucking in to load some of the gear back into the vehicles, it was soon time to head home with Andy, to get ready for the 'biggie' in London the following day. Overall an enjoyable event, although with the distances involved and being slap bang on top of a week long event in London, probably not an ideal situation, especially for those traveling overnight…

Gavin Cooper